Get information about your favorite shows, especially when they air next.

The Upnext: TV Series Manager app aims to help provide information about the TV shows that are currently on air and have aired previously. Also courtesy of Trakt.tv, Popular, Trending, and Most Anticipated Shows have their dedicated screen. Always ensure you have the latest app version, as we work continuously to ensure you have a fantastic app experience. The newest version is 3.4.4

For the shows that matter to you

A schedule dashboard


The dashboard features schedules courtesy of TVMaze where the shows listed aired the previous day, airing that day and shows airing the next day. These schedules are updated periodically in the background, however, you can force a refresh from the menu should you wish to.

The Upnext: TV Series Manager dashboard

The Upnext: TV Series Manager explore screen

A dedicated Explore Screen


Trakt.tv is a popular platform that allows users to be able to keep track of their shows as well as movies. In Upnext: TV Series Manager we have implemented three of Trakt’s information sources for what shows are trending currently, which shows are popular and what shows are currently the most anticipated. This data is based on how many Trakt users are watching a particular show, how many have added said shows to their watchlist and so on.

It’s all in the details


At the top of the show information is summary data such as when it airs, the list of genres associated with it and its current rating on Trakt.tv. In addition, if TVMaze has the images, the detail will include high resolution poster and wide images for the show.

The Upnext: TV Series Manager show detail screen

The Upnext: TV Series Manager show detail screen

More details please


At the heart of when Upnext: TV Series Manager first launched was information about when the next episodes will be airing without having to look very far. This still remains a feature of the show detail information where not only can you view the next episode information but also the one that aired before that. Of course, as we use TVMaze for this information, there are times when detailed episode information is not currently available. The cast information is also part of the detail information, click on their images to see a bit more detail about them. Note, we have provided a prompt to connect your Trakt account so you can see the Add/Remove Favorite button in addition to the Seasons button.

Ratings, ratings, ratings


In addition to the brief rating information at the top of the show information is a full ratings breakdown of how users on Trakt.tv have rated a particular show. The rating is based on a 10 scale rating, and how each scale was rated is displayed through an indicator bar. We will also make it possible in future to rate shows using your connected Trakt account.

The Upnext: TV Series Manager show detail screen

The Upnext: TV Series Manager seasons list screen

Tis’ the season


Your show detail view is the start destination for more show information and this includes a season breakdown. Each season contained in the series is listed here detailing how many episodes aired per season, when that season first aired as well as when that season ended. All this next to a high resolution poster for that season. Just like the episode information, the aforementioned information is not always available so we will display what TVMaze is able to return for that particular show..

What’s in the season


When you click on a season item you are shown a list of all the episodes that aired in that particular season. This information includes a high resolution episode wide image – when available of course, the season and episode numbers, the synopsis for the episode as well as when the episode aired.

The Upnext: TV Series Manager season episodes list screen

The Upnext: TV Series Manager account screen to connect your Trakt account

You asked we listened


You asked for a feature where you can mark shows as favorites and we listened. Harnessing the power of Trakt, Upnext: TV Series Manager will allow you the ability to have your shows marked as favorites synced up to your Trakt account on a personal list automatically created by the app. This feature, will of course, require that you first setup a Trakt account and then from Upnext: TV Series Manager click on “Connect to Trakt“, complete your details, allow Upnext: TV Series Manager access, then your account will be synced on the Upnext: TV Series Manager app! From here if your account is connected, you will not see the “Connect to Trakt” prompt but rather all your favorited shows! When you click on the “Add Favorite” button on a show detail screen, it will be synced up to Trakt and added to your personal list viewable on the Account screen. Another feature in the works is the ability to see all the upcoming episodes for your favorites which we will be adding as a dedicated screen of its own soon, look out for this.

Can I favorite this show?


Of course you can! We have added a new button to the show detail screen which will either be “Add Favorite” or “Remove favorite”. This button, however, will only be displayed if your Trakt account is connected to Upnext: TV Series Manager. From there you can add or remove shows from your favorites with a click of a button.

Add or remove a favorite from the show detail screen on The Upnext: TV Series Manager

The Upnext: TV Series Manager account screen with all your favorited shows and next air date

Where are my favorites?


When your Trakt.tv account is connected, all your Upnext: TV Series Manager favorited shows will be displayed on the Account screen. In addition to the list of favorites, you can see at a glance, when the next episode is due to air.

Upnext: TV Series Manager was made for you so if you have a feature request, please reach out to support@theupnextapp.com and we will be sure to look into it.

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